Anaheim Ballet

Anaheim Ballet aims to enlighten and entertain audiences with classically-rooted programming and contemporary presentation. They provide quality performances to audiences of balletomanes as well as novice ballet-goers, and attract talented Southern California artists and international talents alike.

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Anaheim Ballet



Anaheim Ballet strives to inspire and educate audiences about the art and beauty of ballet. However, ballet is typically only accessible to viewers who are present in the live audience. With this in mind, Anaheim Ballet wanted to raise awareness about ballet and expand their work to audiences beyond their local community.


Anaheim Ballet used YouTube to put their story center stage. Video allowed the nonprofit to film not only performances, but also record exclusive content about the ballet world with creative touches. YouTube’s accessibility and global community has allowed Anaheim Ballet to reach millions of viewers without having to leave the stage.

“I love YouTube because it's given us a global stage to perform on.”

Evan Rosenberg, Media Director, Anaheim Ballet


YouTube has acted as a new and unique channel for the Anaheim Ballet to collect donations that support their continued operation. With inspirational behind-the-scenes videos of dancers and performances, Anaheim Ballet has been able to build personal connections with ballet enthusiasts across the globe while growing their business at home.

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