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The mission of Navigators is to encourage boys, girls, and their parents spend more time outdoors, getting to know what nature has to offer while also getting to know each other. By incorporating unstructured play into their curriculum, Navigators promotes interpersonal skills along with achievement in a completely inclusive environment.

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Navigators USA



As a national organization, Navigators needs the best tools to coordinate and communicate with a large network of volunteers of troop leaders around the country. And as the number of participating families continues to grow, Navigators must keep personal information and data organized and secure.


Navigators uses Google Sheets to track their inventory of patches, uniforms and hats in real time and ensure that their chapters have all the supplies they need. Maintaining privacy and security permissions is possible with the use of Google Groups and Sites, which is important for them to ensure that only the chapter parents see relevant information. Navigators also uses Google Forms to quickly and easily collect feedback from chapter leaders, and Google Drive allows them to share trip ideas with other chapters.

“Google for Nonprofits allows us to free up our time and our money to concentrate on what we are passionate about. Google has revolutionized how we can run a national organization on a shoestring. I don’t have to worry about the technology. It’s just there and it’s [at no cost].”

Robin Bossert, Founder & Executive Director


With over 100 independent chapters in the US and a very limited budget, Navigators USA employs many Google tools to continue growing and maintaining their organization.

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