WaterAid transforms the lives of the poorest and most marginalized people by improving access to clean water, safe toilets, and hygiene programs.

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Seamless, integrated communication is key to connecting WaterAid’s dedicated group of employees and volunteers. In order to end the water and sanitation crisis, WaterAid must build awareness in order to remain a top priority for current supporters, while continually engaging new potential donors.


WaterAid uses YouTube to connect to audiences in multiple ways. Light-hearted and humorous viral content attracts younger audiences, while videos from the field offices highlight global programs.

Google Drive is another invaluable asset that allows employees to access critical files from any device or location. This is especially important when connecting 38 offices across six continents.

WaterAid also uses Google Analytics in combination with Google Tag Manager to enhance tracking abilities, such as identifying traffic by user, not just by device. This gives a much clearer understanding of the path to conversion on the WaterAid website.

“Giving charitable organizations enterprise-level access to Google tools, provides nonprofits with a fully integrated system to create, target, promote and track messaging to their core audiences while allowing them to compete with the nearly unlimited resources of corporations and big consumer brands.”

Tiffany Langston, Communications Manager, WaterAid


The tools available through Google for Nonprofits have allowed WaterAid to create more engaging and interactive online content, which has resulted in deeper connections with new donors. By understanding their audience online, WaterAid has also been able to optimize their website for the best user experience. With all of this support, WaterAid has been able to bring safe water to 2 million people and sanitation to 3 million people in the last year.

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